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A Guide to Buying the Best High Pressure Shower Head

Low-Flow and high flow Showerheads that are high pressure

You need that bare minimum water pressure to have that perfect daily morning shower. Irrespective of how awesome your bathroom looks, or whether it is made of expensive stone or glass, if there is not enough water pressure, no bath can be satisfactory, or even close.

The lower water pressure may be so because of low pressure municipal supply, plumbing problems at your property or because of the shower head installed.

Your local plumber can be contacted for improving the water pressure for your supply, but installing one of these shower heads can offset much of the low pressure issues to improve the showering experience.

Employing adjustable spray settings and pressure chamber designs, a high pressure head is able to deliver higher water pressure with the same quantity of water flow.


Here is a list of the best high pressure shower heads:

Waterpik Original 4-Mode Massage Showerhead

Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Showerhead

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

Whedon Ultra Saver shower head

AirJet High pressure high flow Shower head

The Roadrunner II is designed to make you feel like you are not saving one gallon of water per minute. With a flow rate of 1.5 gpm, the showerhead has 54 nozzles for maximum coverage, creating a powerful spray pattern. The pressure compensating flow regulation provides a satisfying shower even in homes with lower water pressure.

Each of these three high pressure showerheads delivers a quality shower experience while saving on water use.  I rated the Delta Contemporary H2O Kinetic high pressure shower heads first for its lifetime warranty, WaterSense certification, unique style and style options, and widespread favorable reviews. 

Ever wish that you had more power to your shower? May people ask the question... Where can I find the best high pressure shower heads with high flow? There are several factors must be considered to fit your individual needs when trying to determine what low flow or high flow shower head to buy. Fixed showerheads are mounted in place; hand-held showerheads can be left in their holder or removed to focus the spray. Wide, round showerheads provide a soft, soothing flow while other showerheads have adjustable jet, massage, or mist settings.

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